We have installed one of the most advanced equipments to meet the environmental challenges for pollution control & at the same time they can take care of any raw material feed stock. We are presently using following grades of aluminium scrap.

» Aluminium Foil Scrap : Bare foil, laminated foil with paper, plastic, polyster, PVC, Coated foil Blister coating VMCH coating. Container foil scrap, Edge trims of any bare coated laminated foil scrap Etc.
» Aluminium Telic Scrap : Sawfines, Trimmings, scalping dust, saw dust, generated during the machining of aluminium extrusion – sheets – cans- profiles, tubes, containers, bottle caps Etc.
» Aluminium Beverage Can Scrap : Shredded beverage can scrap in bales.
» Aluminium Wire Scrap : Aluminium wire choppings, PVC – Aluminium wire, Insulated Aluminium wire, Bare Aluminium wire Etc.



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